Best FF7 Characters That Need To Be In Ever Crisis

While it’s no secret that Ever Crisis plans to cover the entire compilation of Final Fantasy VII, here are a few characters we’d like to see!

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The hype is real! Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis aims to be the remake most fans expected. With the constant release of trailers detailing newer and lesser-known characters, one has to wonder what classic characters are coming along. It’s no secret that the best Final Fantasy characters come from the Final Fantasy VII universe, so it’s only fitting that we look at the most popular characters that must appear in this upcoming mobile title.

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Image via Square Enix

With her triumphant return in Rebirth, Elena is looking to make a comeback in the minds of many Final Fantasy VII fans. The character appeared sporadically in the original game, but the work the team is doing with the cast so far has given us hope that there’s something more to Elena than being the younger sister of a former Turk. Also, who can say no to more Turk action?


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The “mommy of evil” is still a mystery for many fans. We’ve seen parts of her backstory in the original game and Dirge of Cerberus. However, fans still have many questions about Lucrecia and her relationship with Hojo, Sephiroth, and Vincent. Here’s hoping her backstory opens up in the more serialized re-telling in Ever Crisis.


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Despite his small part in the story, Tifa’s sensei is one of the most incredible characters from the original game. His less-than-anti-climatic disappearance from the story has been a soft spot for a while now. Still, if Square Enix is looking for more content to sell to fans, a bit more content around Zangan and his adventures should be manageable for future releases.

Professor Gast

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Yeah, we know that Hojo is a creep, but what about his predecessor, who originally began researching the Jenova Project? There’s only a bit part for him in the original, and we never really got a good look at him as a person. Was he a creep as well before his revelation, or was he someone who started the research as a pure pursuit of the betterment of humankind? Why did he leave the project after discovering Jenova’s origin and fathered one of the main characters, but what about the man before the revelation?


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The sire of the fan-favorite Nanaki is a heroic character in the game’s backstory. He deserves his own story, including his origin, the relationship between him and RedXIII, and maybe even the backstory of his species. His in-game animations and gameplay would be doable as he can share everything with his son outside his in-game model.


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We know, we know, Sonon is not in the original compilation, but why not add him in? He’s pretty popular, and many people consider him just plain pretty, but there’s so much more that Square Enix can do with his character, including his sister Melphie. He can be the guy who bridges the gap between the original continuity and the Remake universe.


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Speaking of Melphie, what’s her deal anyway? We know her personality is similar to Yuffie’s, but is that all? We’re sure that her story is quite different than what we have with Yuffie so far, so why not make some content involving the perky kunoichi? Plus, we get to see even more of Godo and Wutai, which is totally not the end goal of this article.

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Overall, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis seems promising in what Square Enix can achieve, but the amount of effort put into it is crucial if they want to get it right. Many fans look forward to having the series in one neat package, and the financial success rests on fan service and overall polish. Let’s hope the developers get it right as the game grows.