Final Fantasy XIV not coming to Xbox Game Pass due to subscription model

Square Enix still hopes to bring the game to Xbox, though.


In an interview, Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida has claimed Square Enix has not considered releasing the game on Xbox Game Pass.

The launch of the MMORPG on Xbox One is being discussed right now by Microsoft and the Japanese publisher, and it was disclosed at X019 last year that the new console version was on its way. Since then, though, there have not been any updates by Microsoft or Square Enix.

“I haven’t really considered releasing FFXIV on Game Pass,” Yoshida said in an interview with Twinfinite. “This is because FFXIV itself is a subscription-model game.”

Yoshida already made it clear that he has a good relationship and appreciation for the head of Xbox, and that could help the release of the MMO title on the platform. The director has mentioned that “Phil [Spencer] is very dedicated in his support for FFXIV, and I truly appreciate his efforts.”

“I hope that one day, Phil and I can stand shoulder to shoulder and create an opportunity for gamers around the world to enjoy FFXIV even more,” he added.

While it’s unlikely the title will come to Xbox Game Pass, there is a chance it could be coming directly to Xbox Series X: A next-gen version for PS5 is reportedly in development.

A new Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy VII Remake, is releasing tomorrow on PS4. It’s a modern action RPG with real-time combats, but also has a classic mode for long time fans.