Dedicated Servers Finally Coming To For Honor PC Version On February 19

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Dedicated servers are something that every multiplayer game should have right from the launch day. However, some publishers somehow do not make that available for their new multiplayer IPs from the start, which leads to an unpleasant online game experience as the multiplayer depends on the peer to peer connection. And it comes to a relief that some game publishers do learn from their mistakes, as starting from February 19th, the PC version of For Honor will be getting dedicated servers.

For Honor Dedicated Server Support Coming February 19

During the launch of the game, one of the major complaints was the absence of dedicated servers for the game which made the online gameplay for some players not that great because a game like For Honour needs very precise movements with its actions. However, Ubisoft seems to have heard the players’ request and has acted according to it.

For now, the servers are only for PC version, there has been no official announcement regarding dedicated servers for the Xbox One and PS4 versions but, there’s still hope as Ubisoft seems to be listening to its community.