Forget Epona, race across Hyrule in this amazing Mario Kart 8 custom track

Ocarina of Time, eat my dust.

Image via Mario Kart Wiki

Mario Kart 8 has had the longest run of any of the Mario Kart titles, partly in thanks to the devotion of fans and a deluxe release on the Switch. A lot of players have taken it upon themselves to keep the game fresh via creating custom tracks to show off and download. While this isn’t the first time the land of Hyrule has been featured in Mario Kart, one player decided to really step it up by recreating the Ocarina of Time world map as a course in the endearing racing behemoth.

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The Ocarina of Time Circuit begins at the Great Deku Tree and through Kokiri Forest before flying out into the Fields of Hyrule. The racers follow a path that winds around the center hub, past Hyrule Castle, and into Gerudo Valley. There is eventually a death-defying glide leap from Gerudo Valley into Lake Hylia, and from there it is a race to the finish through Kakariko Village and up Death Mountain.

Fans have been impressed by how well the map functions as a Mario Kart course. Most viewers agree, however, that the severe lack of guide rails could pose a problem as the lack of direction in such open spaces could easily trick racers into getting lost. Players have suggested adding a few arrows to help with navigation, and it would be the perfect race through nostalgia.

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is still one of the most beloved games in Nintendo’s history. Bringing this map into Mario Kart 8 just further solidifies the fantastic design of the title’s overworld. Throw in an iconic remix of the main Zelda theme, and you are no doubt going to have a wild time.