Fun Splatoon 3 fanart flips the script on Deep Cut, makes Big Man an Octoling, turns Frye and Shiver into animals

Oh no, he’s hot!

Image via Nintendo

We think just about everyone can agree that Big Man is the real star of the show in Splatoon 3’s Deep Cut. While Shiver and Frye are fine, our favorite manta ray is the one that should be the headliner, with the other two playing a supporting role. At least, the fan art below backs us up on that theory by transforming Big Man into a sexified Octoling and placing him front and center. Shiver and Frye are also here, making the opposite transition into a shark and some kind of horrifying fish.

General reception to the fan art has been received very well, with one commenter pointing out how they like the arm wings on Big Man to represent his flippers and others getting a little too worked up over the fact that he looks hot here. Kind of disturbing, actually.

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Some are also pointing out the fact that if Big Man were an Octoling, he wouldn’t really be big at all. Every ink person in the Splatoon world is about the same height, which seems to be pretty short. While the fan art gives him a long torso and abs, the in-game representation of this would be a basic Octoling that looks like a kid like everyone else.

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The Splatoon community has definitely gotten behind Deep Cut, especially Big Man, since the game was released. These three have an impact on Splatoon 3’s story as well as hosting the daily announcements for the game. Part of the charm this manta ray has is that he is so large and the way his translated words come out as only “Ayy!”