Splatoon 3’s newest Special Weapon is the excellently named Super Chump

Rain down smiley hell on your enemies.

Image Via Nintendo

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Nintendo has been spoiling Splatoon 3 fans recently, showing off new content that will be in the upcoming Fresh Season 2023 update. Today, players got a look at a brand new Special Weapon that will be making its way into the game — the Super Chump, which is undoubtedly a funny and clever name, especially once you learn what it does.

This new weapon takes a little bit from other Splatoon weapons like the Tenta Missles and Suction Bombs and combines them into something new. This missile launcher fires a slew of cheerful-looking decoys that, to enemy players, will look like Super Jump landing spots before exploding, making it a great way to trick enemies and deal with pesky jump shot campers.

This is just one of multiple new and returning weapons and abilities coming to Splatoon 3 in Fresh Season 2023. It will also see the return of one of the most feared Special Weapons in the series, The Kraken Royale, which sees players transform into a giant unstoppable squid that can swim and spread ink with ease. It was a popular albeit slightly broken Special Weapon from the original Splatoon game, only this time, it has some tweaks and changes to balance it out, such as the user being vulnerable to damage when entering or leaving the form and a new charge attack that will cover short distances quickly.

This isn’t the only new content coming to Splatoon 3, as players will be able to head back to the original game’s hub of Inkoplis starting February 28 via the Expansion Pass, followed by Side Order, a new single-player campaign which will release later this year. Players who purchase the Expansion Pass will also receive extra goodies in Splatoon 3, such as bonus in-game currency and food and drink tickets. Players won’t need to wait too long for the Fresh Season 2023 update, as it’s set to release on March 1.