Gears Tactics Is Also Coming To Xbox One

Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson announced on Twitter.


With E3 2018, Microsoft went full Gears, revealing three games in the franchise. While two of those are being released right in these days (Pop! is available today, Gears 5 is coming September 10, 2019), Gears Tactics still needs some time before we can see it back in action.

However, we have some good news even before that time comes: the title, which had only been announced for Windows 10 PC, is also launching on Xbox One. Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson announced on Twitter.

We’re not being told when the new version is coming, but there’s a chance that the PC release drops first as it was hinted last year and then the team at Splash Damage can focus on the Xbox One edition. Anyway, considering Xbox One also supports mouse and keyboard, we don’t expect work on the port to take ages.

At X018, Fergusson had described the game saying that “what’s really funny is that when you take the gameplay and make it turn-based strategy, the dependency on your squad and the cover feels like it’s Gears of War at its essence of that brotherhood and tactics, that’s what it’s really about.”

So, it’s tailored for PC users, but knowing how popular the franchise is on Xbox (it was born over there) and how good Gears Tactics was welcomed in the days of its reveal, it would’ve been dumb not to launch it on the console.

Could we see something more at X019 in November, when both Gears Pop! and Gears 5 will be out in the wild?