How to get Thrashball Cole in Gears Tactics – Preorder bonus guide

He’s a superstar.

Gears Tactics permadeath

Image via Steam

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Long time fans of the Gears series will know that, before aliens showed up and started kicking humans around the planet, Cole Train was a Trashball superstar. In Gears Tactics, you will be able to get Trashball Cole to join your squad if you have done a couple of things. This will be a nice addition for series regulars, who will more than like be well aware of Cole Train, and the whole Cole family for that matter.

Trashball Cole is a preorder bonus, and will only be available to those who preordered the game, or who are playing via Xbox Game Pass.

While you might be used to preorder content showing up at the start of a game, in Gear Tactics, it will work a little differently. You won’t get access to Trashball Cole until Act 1 of Chapter 4. This is when you will be able to add the new Hero to your squad within the Barracks menu.

Trashball Cole will be Level 3 when he joins your roster of Heroes, and he will be armed with the Retro Lance weapon. He has a +25 percent chance to get a critical hit and will do +100 percent critical damage.

Remember, to add him to your squad you will need to go to the Barracks tab in the main menu and find room for him in your tactical setup.

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