Is there friendly fire in Gears Tactics?

Can I hurt my squadmates?

Gears Tactics friendly fire

Image via Steam

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Keeping your squad alive in Gears Tactics — or your Hero characters at the very least — is essential. If you lose a Hero character, you’ll have to restart your checkpoint, or, if you have Ironman mode enabled, be required to start an entirely new save file.

Ensuring that you aren’t depleting your own soldiers’ health with friendly fire, then, will be a necessity. That is if friendly fire is a feature in Gears Tactics. Read on to see if you need to be wary of shooting your own squad members when engaged with the Locust.

Can I damage my squadmates in Gears Tactics?

Gears Tactics friendly fire feature
Image via Steam

Friendly fire is a feature that’s been present in other Gears games. It’s prevalent in multiplayer modes, especially if you play in anything other than casual matches. It will be unsurprising for you to hear, then, that Gears Tactics has a friendly fire feature. You don’t need us to tell you that this could spell disaster during missions you play through, particularly if you end up damaging your Hero characters.

It can be easy to try and save a squadmate if a close-quarters Locust foe is nearby. Tickers, Grenadiers, and Wretches all need to be within a certain range to deal damage to your squad members, and you might think that by shooting these enemies you’ll save your friend.

Bear in mind that if you do that, however, your bullets could end up hitting your teammates. Weapons with a wide spread or poor kick-back can result in ammo being sprayed in all directions, causing your squadmate’s health meter to run down.

Explosives, like grenades, can also hurt your friends so be careful when chucking them at the Locust if any teammates are in range of its damage spread. If you do end up hurting your squad, your support unit can heal them. This is a wasted resource, though, so do your best to avoid friendly fire.