Get a sneak peek of the Vera region in Tower of Fantasy’s 2.0 update preview

Explore a vast desert and sprawling neon city.

Image via Tower of Fantasy YouTube

Hotta Studio unveiled a sneak peek at the upcoming Vera region that you will visit in the 2.0 update for Tower of Fantasy. With this early look, a new trailer was revealed that showcased more locations of the Vera region such as the sprawling desert, ruins, and the neon city of Mirroria. There was also more information about what to expect when the update launches on October 20 along with a special event planned for the release.

Image via Hotta Studio

Since Zeke’s disappearance, Shirli believes he has ended up on Vera. This update will continue the story from the base game as you help Shirli find her brother in a new world. As the event unfolded, the tour guide, Ms. Lin, gave information about new enemies called the Abyssants which are powerful Greyspace Entity creatures.

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As Ms. Lin gave more information about the landscape of Vera, she showed many images of the desert as well as some of the deadly hazards you should watch out for. Sandstorms will be one of those, and can easily disrupt your vision and disorient you. It is advised to seek shelter should you encounter such weather. Quicksand can easily devour those who get caught in it so it is important to watch your step.

Image via Hotta Studio

You will be encountering more enemies such as Red-Flame Lizards, Horror Beasts, and Sandworms as you progress through the area with many enemies appearing around the lush oasis. Two additional world bosses, Rudolph and Magma, can be spotted out in the desert with Magma being a crocodile-like creature covered in scales and Rudolph being a Greyspace Entity combined with native Veran creatures.

Ms. Lin ended the event by unveiling key aspects about Mirroria that set it apart from the cities you have grown to love in the base game. The location has advanced features such as a data management center containing the history of the Vera region, a subway system that allows you to traverse the city with ease, and a bar where you and your friends can go get a delicious drink.