Ghost Trick finally finds its way onto the Switch with a new remaster

It’s time to investigate a crime as a ghost!

Image via Nintendo

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, a mystery adventure game written by Shu Takumi who created Ace Attorney, is finally coming to Nintendo Switch after being regulated to the Nintendo DS and iOS.

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The game centers on a detective who finds out that he’s been killed. However, the circumstances surrounding his untimely death are a mystery as he can’t recall what happened to him or who he even is. But even with the disadvantage of having memory loss, the protagonist is set on figuring out his murder and with his new ghostly powers, he might be able to do just that. And he can’t be alone in trying to solve his murder, as a young woman Lynne is also on the case.

Thankfully, as a ghost, you aren’t completely powerless. With your new form, you have two powers at your disposal. The first power is “Ghost”, where you can stop time and move your soul to a nearby object. You can continue to travel around to other objects once you’re another one as long as they’re close by. Once you found the object you’d like to possess, you can then activate the ability known as “Trick.” With Trick, you can perform certain actions that will help you progress further into the game, let that be moving something out of your path or saving someone else from getting murdered.

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The remastered version features improved graphics, more language options, and smoother gameplay as the framerate has been significantly improved. Also making its way into the remaster is a Collection mode, where you can look at music and illustrations that you’ve found during the game.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is set to release sometime in Q3 2023 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.