Tomb Raider's Croft Mansion in PowerWash Simulator
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Give Croft Manor a scrubbing when Lara Croft’s mansion comes to PowerWash Simulator

Don't forget to clean the Butler's bones out of the freezer.

This year is already having one of its strangest video game crossovers, as Lara Croft’s mansion from the Tomb Raider series will be appearing in a free update in PowerWash Simulator. The game does have its fair share of strange locations, with players graduating from cleaning cars and buildings to ancient statues and a palace by the time they role credits.

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PowerWash Simulator’s first post-launch content is coming soon, as a new trailer on the FuturLab YouTube channel has announced that the game will be crossing over with the Tomb Raider franchise. The Tomb Raider Special Pack is a free DLC update that’s arriving on January 31. This is also the day that PowerWash Simulator will be launching on PS4 and PS5, as well as Nintendo Switch. FuturLab has confirmed that the Tomb Raider Special Pack will be in all versions of the game on day one.

The Tomb Raider Special Pack adds a Croft Mansion level to PowerWash Simulator. Players will have the chance to clean iconic artifacts from the series, including a stuffed version of the Tyrannosaurus Rex boss faced in the original Tomb Raider and the vehicles Lara has used throughout her adventures. Old-school Tomb Raider fans will also recognize the training course from Tomb Raider 2, from the level where players could explore Croft Mansion and lock the butler in the freezer.

The Tomb Raider Special Pack for PowerWash Simulator is intended as a thank-you to the fans for their support of the game and will be the first piece of post-launch content. The possibilities for other PowerWash Simulator crossovers in the future are endless, and if the developers could swing it so that Anor Londo, the Black Mesa Research Facility, Princess Peach’s Castle, and the Hangar from Doom were playable, then they might have the perfect video game on their hands.

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