God of War not coming to PC as the supposedly removed “Only on Playstation” tag never existed

Kratos is staying on PS4.


PC players have been hoping for a God of War port after they noticed the game didn’t have the “Only on PlayStation” tag usually applied to PS4 exclusives on Sony’s official website.

However, after more in-depth research, it has been discovered that the tag was never applied to God of War in the first place.

An archive version of the game’s page from October 2019 reveals that the “Only on PlayStation” tag was never applied to God of War, similarly to what has happened to Horizon: Zero Dawn and Death Stranding.

On top of that, God of War is still listed among the “PlayStation exclusives” on Sony’s European website. This means, at least, that nothing has changed overnight in PlayStation’s strategy not to bring the title on PC.

The news of that tag being removed, initially shared on Twitter, sparked hope in PC players they could soon get their hands on the action-adventure from Santa Monica Studio.

The release of Horizon: Zero Dawn slated for Summer on PC is reigniting such hope, and by the fact that Death Stranding is also coming – although via publisher 505 Games – to that platform on June 2.

However, as confirmed by SIE Worldwide Studios’ Hermen Hulst, a major shift in PlayStation exclusives’ policy is not undergoing.

So, any change to other much-desired games – including Bloodborne or God of War, looking at the ResetEra thread where the matter has been discussed – is not happening soon.