Golden Gun mode available for a limited time in Rainbow six Siege

Every bullet is a one-shot-kill, but you have to reload after each one.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Golden Gun mode has today made a surprise return to Rainbow Six Siege’s Arcade. The game mode was announced as it went live, and now players can enjoy the unique twist on the classic Siege formula for the next four days. After that, though, it’ll be removed from the game again.

In a Golden Gun match, every player has a Golden Gun. This works the same as it did in GoldenEye 007 on N64. The weapon is a one-shot-kill. However, you must reload the gun after every shot. Each match pits teams of five against one another across a small selection of maps, and there’s no prep phase.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Players drop into the match and must fight to the death using weapons that fundamentally break the standard rules of Rainbow Six Siege. Suddenly, tactics matter very little. Instead, each match is about locating the enemy team before they find you and shooting them before they can pull their triggers. While there is an objective to play for, no one’s playing by those rules in this game mode.

The game’s news feed has also been updated with the Extravagance skin for the D-50. This skin transforms the weapon into a solid gold handgun, the kind of thing a supervillain would use. It can be purchased for 12,500 Renown or 300 R6 Credits.

Screenshot by Gamepur