Gran Turismo 7 has made it harder to unlock new cars

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Screenshot by Gamepur

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Gran Turismo 7 has a lot of cars. 424 of them in fact and, thanks to a new patch, actually acquiring them all just became a lot harder. As of version 1.07, several races reward you with fewer— credits, the in-game currency you use to buy cars — than before. According to VGC, two late-game races, in particular, were being used by players to easily farm credits thanks to a bug, but the patch has fixed this.

On its own, this would be annoying enough, but Gran Turismo 7 also features microtransactions despite already costing $70. Although they are optional, some cars require an obscene amount of credits and would set you back as much as $40 if you were to buy them with real money.

Racing is the only way to earn credits and, unlike previous games, you can’t sell cars in exchange for credits either. All in all, this only lends credence to the idea that Sony is aiming to make more money from Gran Turismo 7’s player base by making cars harder to acquire, which will certainly not sit well with those players.

It’s not as if the game is failing to turn a profit. In the U.K., Gran Turismo 7 took the number one spot in the physical sales charts at launch, beating fellow PlayStation exclusive Horizon Forbidden West and the insanely popular Elden Ring.