Greyhill Incident looks like Outlast with aliens, lands next year

They don’t come in peace.

Image via Refugium Games

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The best survival horror games can take many different forms. For Refugium Games’ debut title Greyhill Incident, that form is an alien invasion. The “grey” part of the name is no accident — the greys that we’ve seen so far are quite frightening.

The new console announcement trailer paints a pretty creepy picture of what you can expect from Greyhill Incident. “This story-driven game about a classic alien invasion takes place during the early 90s,” the description reads. You play as Ryan Baker, who’s “equipped with a baseball bat and a few bullets in his revolver.” Ryan isn’t the only person living in Greyhill of course: there are some literal tin foil hat-wearing residents to interact with too. The gameplay and dialogue are reminiscent of Red Barrels’ Outlast series, and the greys shown stalking our hero look genuinely scary — that’s not always easy to do with such a simple alien concept.

If all that sounds up your alley, you can wishlist Greyhill Incident on Steam right now (PC system requirements are also listed there). Console players need not fret though — the game is also headed to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Refugium Games plans to bring it to other platforms as well, but they’re not announced at this time. The same goes for a specific release date. For now, Greyhill Incident has a wide release window of Q3 2023, putting it sometime between July and September of next year. There are a lot of great horror games on Steam already, so we’ll see how this one fares.

As for its influences, the Outlast series is still going strong. Next up for the franchise is The Outlast Trials, which also has an expected release date of 2023. Anyone feeling hyped up by this new Greyhill Incident trailer may want to sign up for the The Outlast Trials’ closed beta on Steam.