When is the release date for The Outlast Trials? Answered

Where everyone is dying to get in.

Image via Red Barrels on YouTube

A jaded veteran in the horror game experience, the Outlast franchise is well known for invoking nightmares and screams with every moment of gameplay. With the announcement of The Outlast Trials, is the first departure from single-player horror games to the more social side of horror, where up to four players can work as a team to attempt to escape from the sadistic machinations of the Murkoff Corporation.

Players can still survive the experiences as a single player, but if Phasmophobia taught gamers anything, it’s that horror is even more enjoyable when you get to hear others yelp from fright. The only question remaining is when the release date of this experience is.

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When is the release date for The Outlast Trials?

Unfortunately, while the Gamescom Opening Night trailer for The Outlast Trials was outstanding in drumming up excitement for the new social-horror title, no release date has been announced as of yet. There is a closed beta for the title which players will be able to enter that encompasses Halloween 2022, and it’s likely that the actual release date will depend on how the closed beta runs.

If there are a lot of bugs and frustrations from players, it’s likely that we won’t see The Outlast Trials until 2023. With this being Red Barrels first foray into true multiplayer as a company, it’s also possible that players may run into issues with matchmaking services. Alternatively, if the closed beta runs as expected, the release date may be a bit sooner.

Much like the Murkoff Corporation themselves, there’s a bit of an unknown factor regarding precisely what, or when, players can expect The Outlast Trials. For the moment, however, it seems guaranteed that the title will host some of the most horrifying experiences imaginable. For the rest, players will simply need to wait and see.