Halo Infinite campaign co-op coming May 2022 at earliest, Forge Mode at a later date

The wait just got a little bit longer.

Image via 343 Industries

Following a year-long delay and stealth multiplayer launch, the complete Halo Infinite experience has yet to release. The multiplayer portion, currently in beta form, surprised people by launching three weeks ahead of time, but the campaign is still on its way. We already knew the game wouldn’t launch with campaign co-op, but now we have a better idea of when to expect that and the arrival of Forge Mode.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Halo Infinite Head of Creative Joseph Staten discussed the state of its development cycle and how it has impacted their original plans. Due to the game’s first season being extended by three months, May 2022 is looking like the earliest date for now. 343 Industries wants to release campaign co-op some time during its second season, which begins in May, but that can change. This seasonal extension also impacts the release of fan-favorite Forge Mode, which was planned to launch during Season 3.

Neither of these release dates is set in stone because 343 can’t predict what might need to be addressed as the Seasons approach. As Staten stated, “those remain targets. And [343] can’t commit to any hard dates right now, because as we’re seeing with this multiplayer beta, other things might move up in the priority stack for us.”