Halo Infinite fans are not happy about the limited Spartan color and armor customization options in multiplayer

The customization options feel a bit restricted for some Halo Infinite fans.

Image via Halo YouTube

The Halo Infinite multiplayer shadow dropped earlier this week to surprise fans at the end of the Halo 20th Anniversary live stream. Players now have several weeks to check out the game’s multiplayer beta version before it officially arrives on December 8. There have been a handful of concerns from fans already, such as the battle pass progression and the lack of color customization options locked behind paywalls and the game’s store.

There have been a handful of Reddit posts started by fans discussing the current color customization options. While the variety of color and armor design is well received, receiving those colors is a more complicated manner.

Each armor core you unlock in Halo Infinite has access to several customization features, such as modifying your helmet, visor, chest piece, utility items, and color options. The color options are explicit to each Spartan armor core, so everyone has access to the Mark VII armor core, and if you unlock the Mark V armor set, you won’t have the same colors.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Some of the Mark VII armor core colors are strictly available to it, and those are only available through the battle pass or the store, such as the Bleached Bone or the Ghost Grey. There’s no Mark V armor color that you can purchase in the store, but it only has access to the Redacted Records color. The same principle goes for a handful of the armor items as well. Fans are a bit confused as to why certain colors are restricted to specific armor sets.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer game is free to play, so it makes sense for the game to have several monetization options, entirely cosmetic. But fans have had a lot of freedom when it comes to customization of their Spartan’s armor and colors in the multiplayer mode, and several fans believe this could be corrected.

So far, Halo Infinite developers 343 Industries have been highly responsive to fans. They’ve already commented that they’re planning to approach the battle pass progression differently, and we can expect changes to happen when the game officially launches on December 8. Hopefully, the developers can also take a look at Spartan customization to remove these armor color restrictions.