Halo: The Master Chief Collection celebrates 20 years of Xbox with nostalgic cosmetic items

Ever wanted to wear an original Xbox on the back of your power armor?

halo master chief collection Xbox 20 years roadmap

Image via 343 Industries

November of 2021 marks two decades since the release of the first Xbox console and its beloved launch title Halo: Combat Evolved. Three console generations later, the Master Chief’s adventures are still among the most played titles on the Xbox, and to celebrate the occasion, Halo: The Master Chief Collection developer 343 Industries is bringing a slew of Xbox-themed goodies to its remastered titles.

343 shared details on the Master Chief Collection update Wednesday, promising continuous drops of items for players’ Spartans in Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo Reach from November up to early January. Some of the standouts include the Orion armor set for Halo 2’s multiplayer modes, as well as the Mirage armor and a matching set of “OG Xbox” skins for six weapons in Halo 3.

The armor sets serve as a special nod to Halo’s history, with the Mirage armor echoing the look of the SPI gear from the Halo novel Ghosts of Onyx and the Orion suit resembling the characters in Bungie’s first public demo of Halo: Combat Evolved, seen at the Macworld Expo in July 1999.

The new gear for the classic titles is a nice way to refresh the Master Chief Collection games while fans continue to wait for Halo Infinite, and what better way to ring in 20 years of the Xbox than to wear the infamous Duke controller on a pair of shoulder pads?

Image via 343 Industries