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Hideki Kamiya clarifies that he’s “totally serious” about wanting to bring Scalebound back

Bound for a comeback?

In a new English language interview, PlatinumGames vice-president clarified that he wasn’t joking about wanting to bring canceled Microsoft Games collaboration Scalebound back from the dead. Kamiya is “totally serious” about reviving the canceled action-RPG multiplayer title, but won’t confirm or deny whether talks are ongoing.

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Speaking to VGC as part of a much longer interview, Kamiya told how he has “been in a lot of interviews since the project ended” and feels as though he has “said many times” that he’d love to bring the game back from the dead. Kamiya adds that “as a creator [he’d] like to see it to the end.” Clarifying that his previous quotes weren’t him joking around, as he’s been known, Kamiya explains “no, it’s not a joke: I’m totally serious about it.”

PlatinumGames and Kamiya want to please fans with a Scalebound comeback, but he will neither confirm nor deny that the studio, which is now focused on developing original larger and riskier games, is in active discussions with anyone about bringing Scalebound back, not just Microsoft.

Kamiya adds finally that “time passes… things are different now,” and that he has had “time to think” and would “like to try making Scalebound again.” Kamiya thinks PlatinumGames is in a better shape to deliver Scalebound now than it was back when the game was canceled, with more experience in technology and a larger staff. Scalebound could see life yet, but fan voices will likely need to be heard to help higher-ups realize there is still interest in the title after all these years.

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