PlatinumGames is looking to develop “larger” and “riskier” games

Bayonetta isn’t big enough anymore.

Image via PlatinumGames

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PlatinumGames wants to develop “larger” and “riskier” games according to the studio’s new President and CEO Atsushi Inaba. Inaba also claimed that the company is potentially looking into live service-style titles, which could be starting with the upcoming Square Enix co-production Babylon’s Fall.

Speaking recently to Famitsu (lovingly translated by VGC), Inaba explained that he wants PlatinumGames to create games “that are different from the past” and “can be enjoyed and loved for a longer period of time,” hinting at the company’s move towards potential live service titles and elements.

Specifically, Inaba was referring to the upcoming Project G.G., which is in development now and is seen as the final part of Hideki Kamiya’s superhero trilogy after Viewtiful Joe and The Wonderful 101.

It’s all seen as steps in the direction toward returning to the company’s “raison d’etre” to “create new games on a larger scale in a more pure manner.” Inaba wants PlatinumGames “to return to [its] original ethos” and “make larger games” from their “ideas, and succeed in at least one thing.” The move to create games that last longer is considered necessary due to “the changes in the market over the next five years or so.”

PlatinumGames isn’t moving away from releasing smaller-scale and more traditional action experiences just yet, with Sol Cresta right around the corner and Bayonetta 3 scheduled to release in 2022. Just expect the company’s future releases to be bigger and riskier, with some element of live service added in — Inaba wants to “lead PlatinumGames in a direction that is pure and unadulterated, and never look back.”