Hogwarts Legacy might be coming in September, according to leaker

Just in time for back to school.

Image via WB Games

It seems like WarnerMedia’s gaming division has been the subject of constant rumors and speculation ever since it announced a merge with Discovery. First, we heard speculation that the company was shopping its gaming studios around, then came discussions of how some of its games were facing development trouble; and now, we have rumors of potential release windows.

Regarding those rumors, the latest one comes from noted leaker AccountNGT, who says to “expect a September release” for Hogwarts Legacy. They also claim that the next trailer will be “based on skills/abilities” and will release in “February/March” at a Playstation event.


Before we dismiss these claims as a total fabrication, it’s worth noting that AccountNGT has been correct in the past. In December, they revealed an image of Star Wars Eclipse before its announcement at the 2021 Game Awards. Additionally, we know Hogwarts Legacy is still aiming for a release this year, thanks to comments made by WarnerMedia boss Jason Kilar. Therefore, all signs point to this claim by AccountNGT either being accurate or a well-timed educated guess.

Regardless, we will soon know the answer, as we only have to wait till the end of March to find out if their claims are accurate. If March passes by with no PlayStation event and no trailer diving into Hogwarts Legacy’s “skills/abilities,” we can put this rumor to bed.