How to equip the broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Jump on your broom in a moment’s notice.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Hogwarts Legacy holds a handful of ways for traversing its sprawling open world, but there may not be one grander than flying around on a broom. The item can be used endlessly, allowing you to reach great heights and zoom to locations at accelerated speeds. Better yet, the item comes in various styles for players to choose from. That said, those wanting to equip a broom will need to take a few required steps before being able to do so. Here is how you can access your broom in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to ride your broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Before hopping onto your broom, you will first need to make sure you have finished your first Flying Class at Hogwarts. You can simply work your way through the main story to earn this quest and completing it allows you to purchase a broom in Hogsmeade. Once a broom is acquired, it can then be equipped through the item wheel. Those on console can open the wheel by pressing their respective front left bumper, while PC users can do this with the Tab key.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As shown above, the wheel presents all of your unlocked rides on the right side of the screen, and pressing the button next to each instantly equips it. However, this will not always be the case. You will not be able to use your broom while inside buildings or towns. An icon near the HUD’s mini-map will also appear when you are unable to fly in certain areas.

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Now that you have your broom on hand, it may also be worth considering upgrading the magical item. After you have completed the Flying Test quest for Albie Weeks, his Spintwitches Sporting Needs shop will offer the first possible upgrade you can unlock, boosting its speed and acceleration. Though, if you are needing to get to your next quest in a flash, Floo Flames’ fast traveling ability should be able to do the trick.