Horizon Forbidden West Player Finds Emotional Secret In Burning Shores DLC

A Horizon Forbidden West fan has found a special secret in the Burning Shores DLC that will stir emotional memories.


Screenshot by Gamepur

As Horizon Forbidden West players explore more of the game’s Burning Shores DLC, amazing secrets and references are coming to light. Today, one player shared a treasure they found that it packed with emotional nostalgia, providing you played the first game in the series.

The Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC brings a massive new region to the game. As with the base game’s world, there are many secrets and discoveries to be made. One player has stumbled upon a particularly complicated one that’s a reference back to Horizon Zero Dawn.

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Someone has Discovered a Horizon Forbidden West Secret in the Burning Shores DLC

Screenshot by Gamepur

Reddit user Chabby_Chubby posted what has to be the most obscure secret in the Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC. There’s an old amusement park game players can find in the game, and if they shoot it with a bow, it plays a familiar tune shot by shot. What makes this more impressive is that the secret is hidden on the most inhospitable island in the game, one requires players to complete a quest so lightning will stop blasting Aloy and finally allow her to explore.

The music this secret plays is Aloy’s Theme, an iconic song from the Horizon Zero Dawn soundtrack. It’s the music that players know specifically as Aloy, the series’ red-haired protagonist, and one that permeates every part of the Horizon world. The song also plays in the background when you first open Horizon Forbidden West.

Once you get this song to play, there’s a nice little reward from the developer to those that seek it out. The nearby chest will only unlock when Aloy’s Theme has been triggered, containing a few powerful Coils and resources to use to upgrade weapons and armor or buy new ones. Aloy will also speak when she hears the tune, saying it sounds familiar. It might not seem like much, but it’s an emotional reunion of sorts for long-time fans, showing that no matter what she’s been through, this is still the Aloy players watched grow up hundreds of hours ago.

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To date, every game and expansion in the Horizon series has had its own version of Aloy’s Theme. From Zero Dawn, through the Frozen Wilds DLC, into Forbidden West, and now Burning Shores, each contains a slight variation to make its soundtrack unique. This is part of what makes the series so wonderful to play, as the music is a key part of the world and environment fans explore.