Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC – Best New Weapons

Arm yourself to the teeth in Horizon Forbidden West’s DLC so you can pull some metal ones out of the biggest machines.


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The Burning Shores DLC adds a plethora of new weapons to Horizon Forbidden West. These weapons are some of the most powerful in the game and will help you take down the overpowered machines you encounter in the new region. This guide shows you the best new weapons you can acquire in the Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC, including what builds they’re perfect for and where to find them.

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What are the best new weapons in the Burning Shores DLC?

Most of the new weapons in the Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC have their merits. Below, we’ve outlined what we believe are the best. Note that some of these require Brimshine to purchase, so use our Brimshine Location guide to find as much as you need. Of course, weapons are far more interchangeable with skills than Outfits are, so you’ll likely be able to make use of one or more of these across any build. If you’re looking for a great new outfit from the DLC, check out our best Outfit guide.

The Emperor’s Reign Hunter Bow

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You can buy The Emperor’s Reign from the Hunter vendor in Fleet’s End for 3,000 Metal Shards and 8 Brimshine. This Hunter Bow packs in tear and precision damage, and has one additional arrow type for a total of three. It’s built for stealth builds, perfect for any player that specializes in sneaking and attacking while making maximum use of concentration.

Eye of the Storm Warrior Bow

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Eye of the Storm costs 3,000 Metal Shards and 8 Brimshine from the vendor in Fleet’s End and is a beast for warrior builds. This has three elemental damage types in a quick-fire bow that will hit enemies with an onslaught of arrows so fast you won’t be able to get through your concentration meter without crafting more ammo. This is a great weapon for those players that like to cater their weapons to deal the most damage possible against enemies.

Gravesinger’s Lament Sharpshot Bow

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For 8 Brimshine and 3,000 Metal Shards with the Fleet’s End vendor, you can own Gravesinger’s Lament and really nail your targets. This is another great bow for dealing precision damage but relies more heavily on shearing off parts than it does on stealth.

The Tie That Binds Ropecaster

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Give the vendor in Fleet’s End 3,000 Metal Shards and 8 Brimshine and you could own The Tie That Binds. This one is built for pinning down your targets in a couple of ropes, but will also dole out damage across Fire and Plasma elemental types. It’s brilliant if you’re planning on taking a colossal machine like a Thunderjaw.

Eternal Vengeance Boltblaster

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Spend 3,000 Metal Shards and 8 Brimshine with the Fleet’s End vendor, and you’ll net yourself Eternal Vengeance. This weapon gives you three new options to open up opportunities for bigger attacks on the largest machines in the Burning Shores DLC.

Distant Thunder Shredder Gauntlet

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As you may expect at this point, you can buy Distant Thunder from the Fleet’s End weapon vendor for 3,000 Metal Shards and 8 Brimshine. It’s a pretty decent Shredder Gauntlet, pummeling foes with constant damage if you keep throwing out ammo.

Skyhammer Blastsling

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Skyhammer is a weapon you’ll pick up from a container while completing the Heaven and Earth mission in the Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC. It’s got three elemental damage types and almost instantly pushes machines into a damage over time state, regardless of the ammo you use.

Specter Gauntlet

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The Specter Gauntlet is a Zenith weapon you unlock by completing The Stars in Their Eyes quest. It fires futuristic projectiles at enemies and can even be upgraded to include a railgun. Both ammo types have an alternate fire that hits targets with a homing beacon, where all subsequent shots will land.

How to upgrade the Specter Gauntlet

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To upgrade the Specter Gauntlet, you need to complete the side quest called In His Wake. You can pick this quest up from Fleet’s End after completing The Stars in Their Eyes. You get a reward for looting the mini-boss at the end of this quest, and can use it to craft the upgrade for the Specter Gauntlet that gives you the railgun.

Honorable Mention: Toy Bow

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The Toy Bow is a joke weapon in the Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC. It’s actually an easter egg for The Last Of Us Part 2, and deals a measly 1 damage to any enemy you’re silly enough to go up against with it.

How to Get the Toy Bow

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To get the Toy Bow, you need to fly to a tall building close to the Slaughterspine site near Fleet’s End. See above for a map reference for this location.

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Once you arrive at the location, look for the tall building with a section in the side you can see a Datapoint through. Fly up, drop off your Sunwing, and glide into the building. You can find the Toy Bow in a container inside the destroyed apartment.