Could Hellblade’s Senua be coming to Bleeding Edge?

Developer Ninja Theory speaks on a potential crossover.

Bleeding Edge is the newest multiplayer brawler from Ninja Theory, a developer known for the quality of its single-player experiences. Considering how many intellectual properties the British developer has launched thus far, fans might be wondering about the chances of a crossover with another of the studio’s main IPs, the Hellblade series and its star, Senua.

In a recent interview with Windows Central, creative director Rahni Tucker discussed a chance that might happen sooner or later. “Right now we’re just focusing on Bleeding Edge as its own IP,” said Tucker, mentioning that any further character to be revealed as part of the roster would be original. “I think potentially trying to bring Senua into Bleeding Edge would be a little weird,” she added, looking at the deep background of the character that would make it hard to carry her over such a light experience.

However, players can expect strong post-launch support for Bleeding Edge, including “a massive list of features and content” that the studio wants to produce. “More fighters and maps and stuff like that is kind of a given,” Tucker said, and she already has a team at work for that purpose.

For what matters Hellblade, the franchise is returning for a second iteration with Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, which was revealed at last December’s The Game Awards and will be an Xbox Series X launch title. It’s expected to be a direct sequel to the original Hellblade and is also coming to Xbox One and Windows PC at a yet to be announced date. 

Like with Bleeding Edge, the game was already on Ninja Theory’s roadmap when the studio was acquired by Microsoft in June of 2018.

The acquisition helped the team, though, with approaching a multiplayer title for the first time; an example of that is the cooperation in place with Sea of Thieves‘ Rare, also a Microsoft-owned studio, which provided help with setting an online infrastructure and things like a beta.