Bleeding Edge dev team asked Rare how to run a beta

Looks like there’s some internal cooperation between Microsoft’s studios.

Image via Ninja Theory

During a series of interviews, Ninja Theory provided insight into how cooperation between the different teams at Xbox Game Studios works. Creative director Rahni Tucker revealed that staff from the British developer visited Rare’s headquarters to get technical assistance on Bleeding Edge‘s upcoming beta.

“Hey guys, you ran a beta,” Tucker reminisced asking Rare to Windows Central. “What did you do, what worked well for you, and what didn’t work, and can you help us out?” Ninja Theory didn’t have any previous experience with the release of a beta, which the multiplayer brawler is set to launch on March 11 and also had three weeks ago in February.

“And we sent a bunch of guys down there and we had a big kind of download of information from them,” Tucker said, adding that sharing experience has been a boon of being part of Microsoft’s internal ecosystem. “It’s that kind of stuff that’s been totally awesome.”

Rare also helped with “the matchmaking, the online services, player accounts, backend,” something a team like Ninja Theory, which has always been focused on story-driven single-player experiences, is facing for the first time.

This is not the only connection between the Bleeding Edge and Sea of Thieves developers. Similarly to the pirate game, the brawler is not introducing microtransactions on day one, granting every player a very easy to approach experience on the go.

The development team had revealed after the E3 2019 announcement that it had been working on the title for three years and that it was in development way before Microsoft acquired the studio in June 2018.

Ninja Theory became a part of the Xbox Game Studios family two years ago and has already made several reveals since then, including last December’s Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II unveiling.