Job listing at Sony-owned Firesprite hints at their next project

Don’t expect anything from this acquisition any time soon.

Image via PlayStation

A job listing on the newly acquired PlayStation studio’s official site offers glimpses into the company’s next project. Details are scant, but there’s still some stuff we can gleam from the posting. The UK-based company is looking for a senior designer for a narrative adventure game. The listing states the project is still in early stages, which means we shouldn’t expect an official announcement for quite some time as they’re still figuring out its core interactions, which the senior designer will be able to create.

None of the job’s requirements indicate anything beyond its narrative driven nature aside from one bullet point. While we can expect it to release exclusively on PlayStation 5, Firesprite is looking for someone with Unreal Engine 4 experience. With the announcement of Unreal 5 as well as in-development titles making the switch, it’s still possible the game could make a shift to the newest iteration of Epic’s engine. One of its selling points from a development perspective was the ease of transitioning workflow over from Unreal Engine 4. It’s also highly unlikely any developer looking for work would be familiar with Unreal 5 unless they’re already actively working on a title.

Firesprite was acquired by Sony this month ahead of the PlayStation showcase. Their portfolio includes The Playroom, Run Sackboy! Run!, The Playroom VR, Air Force Special Ops: Nightfall, and The Persistence. They are also acting as a development partner for the Theaters of War portion of Star Citizen.