Latest Silent Hills P.T. video shows Lisa’s “surprising amounts of detail”

Could this be reused for the next Silent Hill?

A new video from YouTuber Lance McDonald allows us to have a more in-depth look into what Lisa’s doing when P.T. players are not around.

The Youtuber is well known for his P.T. videos, where he hacks the camera and code of the demo to find out secrets hidden behind the scenes, such as a headless version of villain Lisa.

P.T. is simply a free demo for Silent Hills, which was infamously canceled due to the separation between Hideo Kojima and Konami back in 2015, but this hasn’t stopped the old Kojima Productions from putting much care and effort into the game.

The video details how Lisa can be seen walking around the house while players are not triggering her usual moveset.

While animations are not polished, we can see how developers had already started to work on extra-encounters routine and movements, such as her dragging her legs or putting one hand into another in an idle stance.

The video further details “just surprising amounts of detail and work” that Kojima Productions put into the PlayStation 4 demo.

“I think it’s unfinished rigging like they planned to have her actually grab the handle and turn it, but never finished it because no one was going to see it,” he added.

According to the latest rumors, though, there could still be a chance that Hideo Kojima might get back to work on the Silent Hill franchise.

The designer and director of Metal Gear and Death Stranding could be developing a brand new game from the series in cooperation with Sony. One more Silent Hill game could be in the works at a group of former Silent Team members led by the creator of Siren.