Latest WWE 2K22 hotfix appears to have further hit mod community

More than just a Community Creations update.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

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It’s been a busy past two weeks for WWE 2K22. Last week, 2K and Visual Concepts implemented a new patch that added tag team titles and the NXT 2.0 arena to 2K22. And on April 26, Umaga, Rikishi, and Omos were added to the game as part of the game’s first major post-launch content addition. Today, Visual Concepts has released a new hotfix for 2K22, which appears to have much more consequences than what was originally announced.

Just one day after 2K released the first DLC pack, the Banzai Pack, for WWE 2K22, a new hotfix was released for the title. The hotfix, per 2K, is intended to improve the stability of WWE 2K22 when users download multiple superstars off of Community Creations.

Some PC users, however, have noticed something else that has changed after the release of this hotfix. Members of the WWE 2K mod community on social media have stated that the new patch has shut down many of the methods used to implement mods into WWE 2K22 on PC.

WWE 2K content creator WhatTheStatus stated on Twitter that the new hotfix eliminates the ability to add external content, such as ported models from older WWE 2K games.

It also appears that the last patch for WWE 2K22 addressed the ability to mod in external content. However, a workaround was reportedly found, prior to the release of the April 27 hotfix.

2K clamped down on modding for WWE 2K20 by reportedly making changes to the game’s file structure. Now, it appears that 2K and Visual Concepts are doubling down on this plan.