Leaked Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 clip is from a six-month old build

The final game could look quite different.

Image via Infinity Ward

Aside from its name and a fall release window, we still know next to nothing about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, at least officially. Leaks from last year claimed that it will involve battling Columbian drug cartels, and now actual gameplay footage has leaked online.

It’s admittedly a very brief clip and is of low quality. Plus, it doesn’t show anything that fans didn’t already expect, only depicting a snippet of gameplay as the player character walks through an environment while reloading their gun. You can view the clip over at VGC.

The clip is believed to be legitimate as leaker and freelance writer Tom Henderson (who has been responsible for previous Call of Duty leaks) has appeared to acknowledge it on Twitter. He adds that the clip is actually of an old build from 2021, around November/December time, so it’s not wholly indicative of the final product.

A proper reveal of the game is expected to take place in early June, potentially on June 8, and will show off the multiplayer and a new DMZ mode. WhatIfGaming claims that footage from Modern Warfare 2’s campaign mode will be shown the following day on June 9 during Summer Game Fest. An alpha version will reportedly become available to the general public in August, followed by a more fleshed-out beta session.

Developer Infinity Ward is also working on a successor to the battle-royale game Call of Duty: Warzone. Details on that are just as slim, but it is expected to launch this year as well sometime after Modern Warfare 2.