Life is Strange: Remastered finally gets its 60 FPS patch on PS5, coming soon to Xbox [Updated]

PlayStation players get to enjoy 60 FPS today.

Image via Square Enix

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Update April 11, 12:20 PM CT: As of today, the 60 fps patch is available on Xbox Series X, following the initial PlayStation 5 update a few days ago.

Original: Life is Strange: Remastered released earlier this year on PC and last-gen consoles. Current-gen console owners were disappointed by the lack of PS5 and Series X/S support, but good news came when a 60 fps patch was announced in February. If you’ve been waiting to start Life is Strange: Remastered on a current-gen console, today might be the perfect day, provided you’re on PlayStation.

The promised 60 fps patch is available right now on PlayStation 5, with the Xbox Series X patch coming soon. Details weren’t provided regarding whether the optional 60 fps mode operates at the same resolution as the previous 30 fps cap. It is worth noting that this update does not transform the package into a native application. Life is Strange: Remastered is still running under a backward compatibility layer.

Just as with the original Twitter thread announcing the patch, the Xbox Series S was not namedropped in today’s announcement. We are still looking at an Xbox Series X-only enhancement on the Microsoft side. This isn’t too surprising considering the lack of proper current-generation support.

We have already seen plenty of native current-gen games ranging from Halo Infinite’s campaign to Borderlands: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands with different framerate targets and missing modes on the Series S. With the additional limitations of running under backward compatibility, the hardware discrepancy between the Series X and Series S likely made a 60 fps mode more difficult to implement on Microsoft’s entry-level machine.