Mario Kart Tour goes to Singapore with Vacation Luigi

Singapore joins the long list of cities represented in Mario Kart Tour.

Image via Mario Kart Tour News

Mario Kart Tour will be heading back to Asia this Wednesday as Vacation Luigi and the gang will be flying to Singapore for their next race.

Called Singapore Speedway, Luigi and his friends will be racing and soaring their way around the Asian city. Barrel-shaped pumps, a tall hill, a fast highway section, and a drop-down falling area all await players when Singapore Speedway hits Mario Kart Tour this week.

There will be two new costumes for players to unlock. Vacation Luigi is decked out for a summer vacation with his white business shorts, appropriately colored green sunglasses, and a mushroom-filled Hawaiian shirt. He even has a suitcase with a Singapore logo decked out on it. We’ll also be getting a purple Koopa Troopa with an adorable backward hat coming to the game.

This isn’t the first time Mario Kart Tour has taken players around the world. There are stages based on London, Tokyo, New York, Paris, and Vancouver, among many others. It also has a few classic stages we know and love from the mainline console series like Mario Kart 64’s Frappe Snowland and Kalimari Desert. In the city-based stages, Mario Kart Tour usually references the landmarks from each city, and it’s intriguing for players to find out what the developers have added with each map release.

If the rumor of Mario Kart 9 being in active development is true, it will be interesting to see how both the mobile game and the upcoming Switch exclusive will co-exist.