Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy videos showcase how you’ll lead the team in combat and exploration

Eidos-Montreal tells all about how you’ll control Star-Lord.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy combat

Image via Square Enix

Eidos-Montreal has released two new gameplay videos for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy that discuss the game’s combat and exploration. Each video contains insight from senior gameplay director Patrick Fortier, giving players tips and tricks on exploring the cosmic world of Guardians of the Galaxy and taking out villains with style.

In the first video, Fortier talks about the combat styles for each Guardian and how they complement each other in battle and strategy. Rocket serves as a multi-target explosives specialist, taking down several enemies at once. Drax plays like a wrecking ball who can inflict great stagger damage and stunning enemies from the jump. Groot is the healer that can revive any fallen member within moments of certain death — he is a tree, after all. Gamora is an assassin that can dole out the deadliest single-target attacks. Finally, Star-Lord is the leader that displays various combat techniques.

The second video discusses everything players can do when they’re leading the Guardians outside of combat. When you’re aboard the Milano ship, for example, you can hang out with the Guardians and get to know them better, walk around the ship, and maybe come across a few surprises if you like paying close attention to detail. Outside the ship, you’ll be responsible for steering the team in the right direction as you traverse across the universe to iconic Marvel locations, solve environmental puzzles, and make some tough choices that will affect your relationship with the team.

You can also choose which Guardian to spend your Ability Points to upgrade based on your playstyle, have Rocket upgrade your gear on his Workbench, and customize your team with skins straight out of the comics and the MCU films. Do all of this and more when Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy releases on October 26.