Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Fans Torn Over Rumored Game Length

It will reportedly take around 30 hours to earn the Platinum trophy in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Image via Sony/PlayStation Studios

A common discussion amongst gamers is the bloated runtime of games, with titles often boasting hundreds of hours of content or stories that are evolving and seem to go on forever. Then you get a game like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which, according to recent rumors and a recent tweet, will clock in at a smaller, more respectable 15-20 hours, and this has got players talking about the game’s shorter length relative to the huge epics the games industry is hell bent of releasing.

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The Upcoming Superhero Title Is Rumored to Be Around 15-18 Hours

The game’s length reveal comes from an X user named ChrisGaming95, who shows a picture of the game’s achievement list in a now-deleted tweet, with them having completed the game 100% and earning the Platinum trophy. In response to another user, they stated that the game would take around 15-18 hours to complete, with a 100% run taking around 28-30.

With this news, players and fans who are awaiting the upcoming title have taken to Reddit to share their thoughts on the game’s length, with the general consensus by most that this isn’t an issue and, in fact, is being seen as a plus by a lot of players.

Most are pointing to the game’s shorter length as a sign of its quality, and many argue they would rather have a compact, 20-hour story that feels more complete and well-paced rather than one that drags on for hours or has filler and useless content. Additionally, many have pointed out this is a similar length to the previous title, citing that game’s quality as an example of why a shorter game isn’t a bad thing.

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Of course, this discussion is a bit more nuanced as you dive deeper into the comments, with the conversion turning to game lengths and the current state of games and their size and content, with many once again arguing for games of shorter length. However, that was a bit more subjective. If anything, it shows players varied wants and needs to game nowadays, and from what we can see, this upcoming superhero epic will scratch a particular itch for many players.

They also don’t need to wait much longer until they will be web-swinging their way through the game, as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will release October 20 for PlayStation 5.