Matthew’s Ghost-Like Appearance Frightens Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Player

Who you gunna call?

Screenshot by Gamepur

In a recent incident that left a player of Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life both startled and bewildered, a seemingly ordinary visit to the in-game mirror turned into a spine-chilling encounter. As players know, the mirror allows you to change your appearance. It offers witty remarks from your character, ranging from comments about fatigue to speculations about your age.

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However, for one unfortunate player, this harmless feature took a terrifying turn when, upon gazing into the mirror, they were greeted by the ghostly image of Matthew, their spouse in the game, peering back at them with transparent intensity.

SoS A Wonderful Life: Matthew’s Ghost Haunts Player In the Mirror

The root cause of this unsettling phenomenon lies in the game mechanics itself. They move into your virtual abode after marrying one of the eligible bachelors or bachelorettes. In this particular case, the player had chosen to pursue a romance with Matthew, hence his spectral presence. The reason for his transparent appearance is simple: he was positioned too closely to both the player’s character and the mirror. He would have maintained his solid form if he had taken a step back.

However, players couldn’t resist conjuring up their own wild and imaginative theories despite this logical explanation. Some proposed that Matthew was, in fact, a ghost haunting the player’s virtual dwelling. Others speculated that he was a hologram, with their child being a “halfagram,” and that Matthew resorted to such unusual communication. 

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Let’s do a prayer circle to hope that a ghost-like version of our spouse doesn’t suddenly become nightmare fuel when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Still, it’s hard not to see this eerie encounter as poetic justice for the player’s choice in marriage. Matthew’s ghastly appearance serves this player right for marrying what is widely considered the worst husband in Sos: A Wonderful Life.