A Wonderful Life Marriage
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Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Remake Romance & Child Guide – Marriage, Toys & Events

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life players need to get married in the first year of the game to have a child and progress through life.

Unlike the original game, Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life has revamped the marriage requirements that were a core part of the original game. Because of this, players will find themselves spending more time than they are likely used to caring for their family and raising a child. However, much of the information needed to successfully get married and raise a healthy child isn’t provided in the game, making success a process of trial and error.

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In this guide, A Wonderful Life players can learn everything they need to know about every marriage candidate, how to get married, how to have a child and raise their little darling to adulthood while managing their homestead filled with crops and animals.

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How to Get Married in SoS: A Wonderful Life

A Wonderful Life Marriage
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To get married in A Wonderful Life, players will need to build a relationship with one of eight eligible single people in Forgotten Valley.

It is important to note that players must be engaged by the end of the first year. Otherwise, the game will not be able to progress. This is because marriage and having a child are key mechanics in the game, and play a much bigger part in story progression than other recent titles.

In A Wonderful Life, players will automatically get married at the end of year one during the montage cutscene. There are no dresses or ceremonies to plan. Instead, the main character and their fiancée have a private ceremony by the Goddess Pond.

All Marriage Candidates in SoS: A Wonderful Life

Players will have the opportunity to date eight different people in A Wonderful Life. Each of these characters has a unique personality, preferences, and interests that make them stand out from each other. Players can spend time getting to know each one before deepening the relationship, ensuring there is plenty of opportunity to make choices.


A Wonderful Life Nami
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Nami is the character I romanced for this playthrough. She begins her journey in Forgotten Valley at the Inn, and is known for being a bit brash and standoffish. She has an unpredictable schedule, and is one of the more difficult characters to marry. She likes Milky Soup, which can be made right away starting Spring of year one.

It is important to note that we found Nami’s parenting style after marriage to be distant, which can cause some sadness with the child you share. This will be something worth considering if players choose to date her.

When considering what gifts to provide to Nami, there are only a handful of options. These are the best gifts to give to Nami in A Wonderful Life.

GiftsWhere to Find
Clay Goods & FossilsYou can acquire these items from the Dig Site.
Milky SoupA type of soup you can make when using Milk.
Trick Blue FlowersYou can find these flowers near the Swamp Pond.

There are specific Heart Events that you need to trigger with Nami. These are all of the heart events you need to make sure you hit when attempting to romance Nami in A Wonderful Life.

Heart EventLocation
1Outside your farmhouse, 2 PM
2Visit Bluebird Cafe at 7 PM when Nami is there
3Visit your farmhouse in the morning from 8 to 10 AM
4Visit Lei-Over Inn at 2 PM


A Wonderful Life Molly
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Molly works and lives at the café in town. She is sweet, openly friendly, and quick to confide in those who will listen. She has struggled with dating, often keeping boyfriends who live in the city, and sometimes feels self-conscious about choosing to live in a tiny town like Forgotten Valley. Molly like flowers.

There are specific gifts you’ll want to make sure to give Molly if you’d like to romance here. These are the specific gifts you should be giving her in A Wonderful Life.

GiftsWhere to Find
Any FlowerMolly will accept, and appreciate, any time of flower you can find.
CoinsYou can acquire these items from the Dig Site.
MealsMolly appreciates any meal you give her, so long as it does not contain any fish.

As you progress with your romance with Molly, make sure to trigger specific Heart events. These are all of the events you need to hit when attempting to be with Molly in A Wonderful Life.

Heart EventLocation
1Go outside your Farmhouse after 6 PM, when it is not raining
2Visit the Bluebird Cafe at 11 AM, when Molly is there
3Head outside your Farmhouse from 1 to 2 PM
4Head to your farm at 6 PM


A Wonderful Life Lumina
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Lumina is one of the new dateable NPCs in A Wonderful Life. She lives with her grandmother Romana in the mansion at the top of the hill above town and spends her time playing the piano. She is very soft-spoken and shy, opting to avoid crowded areas. Her story, being new, has plenty of fresh details for those who played the original titles and want to find a new life with someone in Forgotten Valley. Lumina likes flowers.

There are several gifts you can give Lumina to increase your relationship with her. These are the best gifts to give Lumina in A Wonderful Life.

GiftsWhere to Find
Any FlowerLumina appreciates any type of flower you give her.
DesertsYou can make these at your Farm.
EggsLumina appreciates any type of egg you can give her.
StrawberriesLumina likes any Strawberry you can give her, and any meal with a Strawberry as an ingredient

There are specific Heart Events you need to trigger when attempting to romance Lumina. These are the specific heart events that you need to check off in A Wonderful Life for Lumina.

Heart EventsLocation
1Visit the Villa while Lumina is playing Piano from 9 AM to 12 PM
2Visit the Villa while Lumina is there from 9 AM to 1 PM, or in the evening
3Visit the Villa after 6 PM
4Enter the Villa from 8 AM to 4 PM


A Wonderful Life Cecilia
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Cecilia is a well-loved character by those who played A Wonderful Life and its rereleases back in the early 2000s. She is a sweet, genuine person with a love of nature and farming. Players will find her living alongside Matt at Vesta’s farm across the bridge from the homestead. She loves the rain and will be found outside in it, rather than taking shelter. She is also quite taken with the main character at the start of the game, making her easy to track down. Cecilia likes flowers.

There are several gifts you can give Cecilia to make romancing her much easier. These are Cecilia’s favorite gifts to receive.

GiftsWhere to Find
Any FlowerCecilia appreciates any type of flower you give her.
EggsYou can give Cecilia any type of egg, of any quality.
MealsYou can provide Cecilia with any type of meal.
VegetablesCecilia will accept any type of Vegetable that you grow on your farm.

After you receive certain romance milestones with Cecilia, there are Heart Events you can trigger to progress your relationship with her. These are each of the Heart Events for Cecilia you need to reach.

Heart EventLocation
1Visit Vesta’s Farm while Cecilia is there, and leave a building from 6 AM to 2 PM.
2Exit your farmhouse in the morning and Cecilia will be there.
3Visit Vesta’s Farmhouse while Cecilia is there from 6 AM to 2 PM
4Visit Vesta’s Farmhouse while Cecilia is there from 6 AM to 2 PM


A Wonderful Life Gordy
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Gordy is the other new dateable character in A Wonderful Life, reimagining the character Cody from the original games. The young artist can be found punching sculptures into metal around his camper, or walking through the forests as he contemplates life, nature, and his next projects. He is officially the hardest romance option in the game and requires a good deal of dedication to marry. Despite his tough-guy looks, he is openly sweet and thoughtful.

There are a handful of gifts you can provide to Gordy when attempting to romance him. These are the many gifts you can choose to give to Gordy to increase your relationship.

GiftsWhere to Find
Any FlowerGordy will accept any type of flower you find.
EggsGordy appreciates any type of egg you give him.
MealsYou can give Gordy any type of soup or salad that you make on your farm.
MilkAny type of Milk you have or harvest on your farm can be given to Gordy.
VegetablesGordy will accept any type of Vegetable you harvest from your farm.

As you progress your relationship with Gordy, there are multiple Heart Events that will trigger along the way, and only at specific locations. These are all of the Heart Events for Gordy in A Wonderful Life.

Heart EventsLocation
1Visit the Beach with Gordy when its not raining
2Make your way over to the turtle pond when it is not raining.
3Leave your farmhouse in the morning.
4Enter Gordy’s trailer in the morning, from 9 to 10 AM or from 7 to 8 PM


A Wonderful Life Gustafa
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Like Gordy, Gustafa has also gotten a makeover. His exaggerated features from the original game have been replaced with a kind, easy-going design – most notably, the handsome stubble on his face. He loves to play music around town, and can also be found sitting and strumming away at the Goddess Pound. He is easy to romance and very likable. Gustafa likes flowers.

Like many characters, Gustafa appreciates a handful of specific gifts that you can give him to progress the relationship. These are Gustafa’s favorite gifts to receive in A Wonderful Life.

GiftsWhere to Find
Any FlowerGustafa will accept any type of flower you give him.
CurryGustafa likes it when you give him dishes that have Curry in them.
OresThere are Ores you can find at the Digsite to give to Gustafa.
SoupsGustafa will take any type of soup you give him.

There are specific Heart Events that trigger for Gustafa when you are attempting to romance him. These are all of Gustava’s Heart Events and where you trigger them.

Heart EventLocation
1Head into town when it’s not raining, during the spring season
2Visit Gustafa’s Yart during the summer season
3Leave your Farmhouse during the fall season
4Visit the town while it is nighttime, in the winter season


A Wonderful Life Rock
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Rock is a frustratingly immature and unmotivated character that lives with his parents at the Inn. His general attitude is not wanting to do work, and players will often find him loafing around the village. He spends most of his time talking about wanting out of responsibilities and is always looking for ways to sneak away and do what he wants.

There are several gifts you can provide Rock when attempting to romance him. These are the best gifts you can give Rock while playing A Wonderful Life.

GiftsWhere to Find
FossilsYou can find these while visiting the Dig Site.
MealsAny meal you’ve made at your farm.
Mist Moon FlowersThese are a particular flower that you can find during the summer season
Toy FlowersThese are a particular flower that you can find during the spring season

There are several Heart Events that will trigger as you begin to romance Rock. These are all of the Heart Events for Rock, and where to start them.

Heart EventsLocation
1Visit the river when it’s not raining
2Visit the Lei-Over inn when it’s sunny from 12 to 6 PM
3Depart your farmhouse during the afternoon hours from 12 to 6 PM
4Visit the Lei-Over when it’s nighttime, so any time after 6 PM


A Wonderful Life Matthew
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Matthew lives with Cecilia on Vesta’s farm, and has tasked himself with “protecting her”. Players who want to romance Matthew will find him distracted by his dedication to Cecilia, which can make getting his attention difficult. He is dark, broody, and reserved, and players can often find him walking moodily around town or lurking in Vesta’s gardens.

These are all of the gifts you can give to Matthew in A Wonderful Life. These are the best way to improve your character’s relationship with him.

GiftsWhere to Find
Crops (S-grade)Farm them yourself, and reserve a handful of these high-quality crops for him.
MealsYou can make these with your farmed crops.
MilkAcquired from animals on your farm

In addition to providing gifts to Matthew, there are specific heart events that are important to him as you attempt to romance them. These are all of the heart events for Matthew in A Wonderful Life.

Heart EventLocation
1Make your way into Vesta’s Farm at the farmhouse.
2Head over to the Vesta’s Farm.
3Head over to the Vesta’s Farm.
4Head over to the Vesta’s Farm.

Is There Same-Sex Marriage in SoS: A Wonderful Life

A Wonderful Life Same-Sex Marriage
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Players can enter same-sex relationships in A Wonderful Life. All eight characters looking to settle down can be dated regardless of the player’s chosen gender. This feature, which was first introduced in more recent Story of Seasons titles, offers better diversity and creates a more enjoyable experience for anyone looking to settle down in Forgotten Valley.

Additionally, A Wonderful Life is the first title to introduce “They/Them” pronouns. I was able to test these out and loved them immensely. I think my only wish was to be able to pick what my child calls me. Having the option to set what sort of parental name to go by would have deepened the emotional connection that much further.

Romance Events in SoS: A Wonderful Life

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life shakes up the dating formula from the original games up, creating a more streamlined process. Players will see fewer event scenes when dating, with the first occurring after meeting each of the NPCs for the first time, and others triggering under certain circumstances for each character.

The stories of the original characters have also changed a bit, as some of the elements of these tales from the original A Wonderful Life storyline weren’t the strongest or most sensitive narratives – specifically for the female characters. The new stories keep elements of the originals, but allow characters more freedom and autonomy within themselves.

The two most important festival events to attend are the Summer Firework Festival and the Winter Meteor Shower Festival. During the Firework Festival, players can choose a partner to see the fireworks with, while during the Meteor Festival, a wish can be made to strengthen the relationship with a selected partner.

How to Get The Blue Feather in SoS: A Wonderful Life

A Wonderful Life Blue Feather
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The Blue Feather is an item used to propose to a love interest in Story of Seasons games. To obtain it in A Wonderful Life, players simply need to progress forward through the Spring of year one. I was gifted the Blue Feather by the Sprites at the end of Spring and then held it in my inventory until I was ready to propose.

To use the Blue Feather, present it as a gift to the character you would like to marry. I did this with Nami when her affection for me was in the pink, and she had full hearts. In the original A Wonderful Life game, you could propose after reaching four hearts, but I wanted to be sure I wasn’t going to be rejected before giving it a shot.

How To Have a Baby in SoS: A Wonderful Life

A Wonderful Life Baby
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Starting in Chapter 2, “Branching”, players will now have a child to take care of. You can pick the gender of the child during the wedding ceremony, when the player and their partner talk about future children. The options offer having a girl, having a boy, or leaving it up to chance. I left it up to chance when marrying Nami and had a daughter.

Caring for Your Toddler in Year 2

During Chapter 2, players will need to care for their toddlers. The child will appear to be around two or three and can communicate needs through basic sentences. Depending on who the player marries, the toddler will also have specific preset skills and interests. For example, Nami and Gordy both have children inclined toward art, while Cecilia’s child prefers farming.

To influence these interests and expand your child’s future, it is important to purchase toys from Van and put them in the toybox in the house on the farmstead. They can also be taken out of the box and shown to the toddler, alongside any other items or objects that might help influence their development.

Players will also need to pick up and carry their child around the town, introducing them to different people and exposing them to work around the farm. This will help influence their interests and possible careers as they grow.

It is also important to pick up, cuddle, talk to, and toss your child regularly, as it raises the relationship bar with them at this critical age. At this time, there doesn’t seem to be an overuse of this mechanic, but not doing it will impact your child’s relationship with you moving forward.

Buying the Bucket in Year 2

A wonderful Life Bucket
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During the Summer of Year 2, on day 3, players will have the chance to obtain a bulletin board request from Lou. This request will ask for x1 Energy Drink in exchange for a Blue Kid’s Bucket.

Buying this bucket will activate a cutscene with your A Wonderful Life partner and child that focuses on a day at the beach. The bonding moment is important for your child’s development and also allows the Conch Shell to appear on a shelf in the player’s home.

Caring for Your Child in Year 3

In Chapter 3, “Blessings”, the player’s child will age to around five or six years old. At this time, the child can no longer be picked up and begins to show personality traits unique to their interests. For example, Nami’s child is very interested in books and academics and still finds art stimulating.

This is also the time when mistakes during year two can be seen. For example, I had no idea I needed to pick my child up and take them places as a baby. Because of this, she often seems depressed and unhappy. Needless to say, I am regretting some parenting choices.

At this stage, it will be harder to influence your child’s interests, but they can receive gifts and will look at most things they are shown and offer commentary.

Finding the Plant Encyclopedia

Like the bucket in Year 2 of A Wonderful Life, players will again have the opportunity to obtain a special item in the Spring of Year 3. To get this item, answer the Bulletin Board request from Baddoch for x2 Health Drinks. Doing this will earn the Plant Encyclopedia.

Obtaining this will trigger a cutscene with you, your spouse, and your child. For us, this specifically happened with Nami’s child. This cutscene could be different, or focus on a different item, depending on the child’s natural interests, but we don’t have the data to confirm this at the time of writing.

After obtaining the Plant encyclopedia, it will remain on the shelf in the house under the save journal.

Caring for Your Child in Year 4

In Year 3, “Blooming”, the player’s child will age into a teen. A cutscene in the winter-to-spring montage will play out based on their highest interest. In our case, Nami’s child has decided to pursue art, and spends time with Gordy as well as picking up a sketchbook.

At this point, the player’s child is now on the path that will decide their future in A Wonderful Life, and there is little the player will be able to do to create a change. Additionally, the bond built in earlier chapters will become particularly important, as it determines the type of relationship possible with now grumpy teenager.

The player’s child will be more independent but more receptive to a wide variety of gifts. They will also share insight on their interests, and share more vulnerable thoughts with their parents. The bittersweet understanding that they are beginning to grow up really kicks in during this chapter.

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