New Metal Gear Survive 5 Minutes Single-Player Gameplay Video Released

Checkout a 5-minute single player gameplay video of Metal Gear Survive, where you can see essential game elements, like action, crafting, construction, traps, etc.

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Metal Gear Survive an upcoming survival horror game is going to release in February 2018. Developed by Konami, the game is an open world game with co-op elements. Players can play in a group of 4 in order to survive. There is also a single player mode available, where you can play with 3 AI players. IGN shared a 5-minute long singer-player gameplay video of Metal Gear Survive that gives us a lot of info about this survival game.

Metal Gear Survive

The video is shared below, this 5-minute video will take you the post-apocalyptic world where survival is not easy. The video shares a key-gameplay about Metal Gear Survive, like the massive stealth based attacks you will be doing against the weird enemies. A few glimpse of weapons that will be used against them and distracting tools to clear your path.

There are rescue missions also, and gathering supplies is also an essential element. In the video, you can see you can almost collecting anything to break them down into components like metal, or wood and use them later for crafting purpose. There are weapon workbenches, that will help you to Craft, Customize, Repair, Dismantle and Change Equipment. Stronger weapons will help you to easily clear your path by killing zombies.

Another important thing you will find in the video is construction and supply units that will attract a lot of enemies. Constructions seem helpful for example creating metal gates to blog enemies following you. You can also spawn heavy weapon machinery like an Aircraft Gun, to kill the horde of enemies around. Players can setup and guard their own base camp for their crew safety.

So in the video, you can see there are plenty of things you can do from stealth killing zombies to raining guns and bombs on them. Metal Gear Survive is coming for PS4, Xbox One and PC next month.

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