Metal Gear Survive is out today with a new launch trailer and lots of microtransactions


The first entry in Konami’s post-Kojima Metal Gear series is now out in the wild. Metal Gear Survive officially released today.

To celebrate its release, the developer has revealed a launch trailer to showcase everything the game has to offer, including a storyline, co-op play, and lots and lots of surviving.

Gamers hoping to play the title on PlayStation 4 last night were met with issues, including an inability to download the game’s day one patch. But at least the in-game microtransactions are working, as in-game currency purchases up to $50 were found on the PlayStation Store.

The currency, called SV Coins, are “used to increase the productivity of Exploration Teams, increase food production and boost other features in the game.” Because everyone knows you can’t survive without money.

Survive won’t launch on Steam until 6pm CT tomorrow, Feb. 21, but a few patches are now live on the PS4 and Xbox One versions to hopefully allow players to access the title and its online functionality.