Metal Gear Survive Has Already A Road Map Of Content Coming During The Next Few Months


One of my doubts when it comes to Metal Gear Survive is whether Konami is capable of sustaining an always online, persistent experience as it is supposed to be in the long run.

Sure enough, the Japanese developer and publisher is showing the will to do it as good as possible, starting with the North American launch, which was celebrated yesterday, and the next few days and months.

Metal Gear Survive Post Launch Content Roadmap

On February 23, once all the different territorial versions are out, there will be a “launch celebration login bonus”, that will provide users with few bonus content in order to say ‘hello’ to the newcomers and more loyal Metal Gear fanbase.

This is instead going to be the roadmap in March, which is set to be more consistent in terms of modes and features:

  • Adding a new difficulty level for Daily Missions (Hard)
  • Adding a new difficulty level for Weekly Missions (Hard)
  • Adding a new type of mission in CO-OP
  • Adding a new event: CO-OP mission with the new rule.
  • Adding the possibility to change some of the in-game controls
  • Changing the personal score calculation so it takes the digger acceleration into account.

Konami added that “the detailed schedule for these updates will be announced later.” “Due to development schedule, the schedule may slightly differ. We will continue to fix the balance and glitch continuously.”

Metal Gear Survive is already available in North America and will release tomorrow, February 22, in Europe.