You’ll Need 10 Dollars To Buy A Second Character Slot In Metal Gear Survive


Throughout the single-player campaign in Metal Gear Survive, you’re asked to create a brand new character for you to play both the story mode and the multiplayer missions together with your friend.

That character is going to be the only one you can access to with the purchase of the game, as you’ll be required another $10 in order to buy a second character slot for you to use in any case you could like.

Metal Gear Survive Character Creation

The only thing you can’t change about your character is the gender, while – thanks to the internal editor – you can change everything like beard, hair, eyes, front and all sorts of physical parameters whenever you like.

You can’t directly spend your $10 anyway, as you’ll be asked to purchase the internal value – Survival Coins – equivalent to that amount of money. SC can be used also for cosmetic stuff, which doesn’t come as part of loot box but is clearly depicted in-game before you buy it.

Of course, you’ll be required a further ten bucks in the eventuality you would like to have two characters available all the time, perhaps just to level it up a different way or have access to another branch in the matchmaking route.

Metal Gear Survive is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.