Metal Gear Survive Tech Analysis Reveals PS4 Pro Is The Best Console Version Out There


A new tech analysis reveals how Metal Gear Survive shaped up on the different consoles you can currently play it on, and it looks like Konami did its best work on PlayStation 4 Pro in spite it not being the most powerful console out there.

According to Digital Foundry, in fact, Metal Gear Survive is running at an almost rock solid 60FPS at the resolution of 1440p on PS4 Pro, while Xbox One X seems to suffer several drops (in the range of 50fps) in scenes with a higher number of enemies and objects in the short distance.

Metal Gear Survive Tech Analysis

The worst case is standard Xbox One, which despite running at the lowest resolution of 720p is also suffering frame rate drops in the range of 50fps and even slightly lower. In terms of graphics quality, as well, it looks like it’s The Phantom Pain settings.

You can check Metal Gear Survive’s final analysis, based on the code everyone can purchase now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, right below. We will soon update you with a full review about the latest entry in the Metal Gear series.