Metro Exodus sold 200,000 copies at launch on Steam

Strong debut despite the Epic Games Store controversy.

Metro Exodus has sold around 200,000 copies at launch on Steam, Embracer Group CEO Lars Wingefors told investors in a recent meeting.

The first-person post-apocalyptic shooter by 4A Games has been an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC for one year, before reaching Valve’s store.

The exclusive deal was announced only a few weeks before the official release on February 15, 2019, and that sparked controversy among fans of the title that had already pre-ordered their digital copy on Steam.

After this long wait, fans had the chance to buy and play the game on Valve’s store last Saturday and, despite the controversy – and the fact that the title’s been available for one full year -, it ended up “performing well.”

“I was happy to see it performing well, selling about 200,000 copies already, and it was surprising to see one big country in Asia, the biggest country, buying the product,” said Wingefors, CEO of the label that owns publisher Koch Media/Deep Silver.

Last year, following the product’s debut on store shelves, we learned that the “absolute majority” of launch copies had been sold on consoles, which is quite unusual if you consider that this series is traditionally PC-oriented.

However, in March 2019, it was revealed that Metro Exodus had sold 2.5 times more copies on Epic Games Store than previous franchise’s entry Last Light did in the same amount of time on Steam.

Considering Exodus was the first open world entry in the Metro franchise, its success was not something to take for granted.

The title has also been supported by a strong post release DLC scheduled, with two expansions that have enriched the core game’s story. Sam’s Story, the latest additional content, has been released last week.

4A Games is already working on a triple-A game to be released soon, but such good performance ultimately makes its position stronger should it have ever been in doubt.