Metro Exodus Dev: Each City In The Game Measure Between 3 To 4 Square Kilometers


Metro Exodus is going to be the third game in the Metro video game franchise. The game is developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver. The game was announced at Xbox E3 2017 press conference (the footage that was showcased at the event was running on PC) and after that, a new gameplay footage was revealed at The Game Awards 2017. The developer managed to build up massive hype post the release of the latest gameplay footage, but fans of the franchise wanted some more information – and guess what 4A Games finally in on the demand. In a recent interview with Official PlayStation Magazine, 4A Games’ John Bloch (Executive Producer) of Metro Exodus revealed a lot of interesting information – Open World Approach, Map Size, Plot/Storyline and many other things.

Metro Exodus Info On Plot, Map Size, And More

John Bloch first revealed that the world of Metro Exodus is going to be pretty massive and largest in the series history and to give us an idea of what MASSIVE means here, John stated that each city will measure 3-4 Square Kilometers.

Each and every corner of the Metro Exodus world will be available for players to explore, and it just won’t be an aesthetic delight because this time around 4A Games has brought in a special concept/element that will take the experience of exploring the world a notch higher – and this concept is Integration of the classic experience of the series with the elements of the Sandbox.

As far as storyline is concerned, John revealed that players will encounter new societies, religions, new mutants, environments and surroundings in Metro Exodus. In short, there will be new forms of interaction that will take the story forward and it is going to be an extensive one as compared to the previous two Metro games combined i.e Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light.

Furthermore, John revealed that players will get complete freedom of choice in Metro Exodus, but the decision they take in the game is going to impact the story as they make progress, and accordingly they will need to make changes to their strategy to overcome the hurdles. John then provided this example – when an Allied Faction of yours becomes an enemy, you will be forced to adapt your strategy.

The full interview of John with OPM is worth a read. Do buy the latest issue of the magazine. Metro Exodus is scheduled to launch in Fall 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.