Metal Gear Survive: Campaign Length 15-20 Hours, Microtransactions And Always-On Internet Confirmed

Konami has just shared a lot of new Metal Gear Survive information. The publisher confirmed that MGS Survive will have microtransactions, requires always-on internet, and the campaign is going to be 15-20 hours long.

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The Metal Gear Survive was an out-of-the-box take on the Metal Gear franchise. This is the first game in the franchise after Hideo Kojima left the company and received mixed reactions from fans. Now, the game is just 1 month away from its release. With the release date closing in new details about the game has surfaced on the internet.

Metal Gear Survive

The first detail is that the game will require an always-on internet connection i.e. in order for you to play the game even in the single-player campaign, you will need an active internet connection. Konami justifies this by saying that, the game has this requirement such that they can offer “Seamless” experience as players switch between multi-player and single-player game modes. And ease up the post-launch content update process. Well, this is nothing new as it has been implemented in other games as well like Destiny 2.

The second piece of information is that the game will have microtransactions. This has become the norm in many modern AAA titles nowadays. Even Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain also had microtransactions. Thus, this is nothing new. The microtransactions will enable the purchase of virtual in-game currency with the help of real money.

The third being, the duration of the game’s campaign. According to Jennifer Tsang, brand manager, Konami, the game offers 15-20 hours of gameplay time, which will vary depending on your gameplay style obviously. Different game modes such as Co-op, Multiplayer, which will make you want to play the game more. The open beta will be held from 18th to 22nd January.

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