Microsoft Flight Simulator sold 1 million copies, developer Asobo working on a new Xbox exclusive

There’s a 10-year roadmap ahead.

Flight Simulator

Update, October 02, 15:55 CET: VGC’s Andy Robinson has obtained a translation of the OFL France, where it was stated that Asobo had mentioned a second project in the works with Microsoft, and shared that the original article does not include any hint at that. It’s unclear whether mentions to that new game have been removed or never existed.

Original article: Asobo Studio’s CEO and co-founder, Sebastian Wloch, has revealed that Microsoft Flight Simulator’s development team is now working on a new game in partnership with Microsoft. This means the title will likely be coming exclusively to PC and Xbox.

Wloch has also disclosed that Microsoft Flight Simulator has sold over 1 million copies and that it will be supported for ten years from now.

“We have been working on the simulator for over 7 ½ years. Its development and monitoring currently employs 120 full-time employees at Asobo Studio, which has 210 employees in total,” he told French publication OFL France.

“We have already sold more than a million copies of Flight Simulator, and it should sell even more due to the very good feedback we received. So Asobo is doing well,” he added.

Asobo’s CEO has shared that Microsoft has invested in the studio’s technology, supported it financially, and its expansion’s efforts, which made it possible to work on another project in its pipeline with publisher Focus Home Interactive – possibly a spiritual follow-up to A Plague Tale: Innocence.

It was mentioned that Turn 10 Studios, from the Forza Motorsport franchise, has provided assistance on Microsoft Flight Simulator “to learn all the physics, photo-realism, density and base structure of the FTech Engine,” too.

As for the roadmap of the simulator, it is adding World Updates regularly, with the first being this week’s Japan. Soon, an update dedicated to the United States will be released as well.

Asobo has long been linked to an Xbox Game Studios’ acquisition, which has always been likely due to the partnership with Microsoft. With a second exclusive project in the works, it doesn’t seem those rumors will stop shortly.