Microsoft has “a plan that can win” about Xbox Series X price

Could it include a cheaper next-gen console?

Xbox Series X

Microsoft believes it has “a plan that can win” when it comes to next-gen consoles pricing, according to Phil Spencer.

The executive has shared that the platform owner has “eyes wide open” for what matters the launch cost of Xbox Series X, and it does believe that it will be necessary to “stay agile” to meet fans’ expectations during the Holiday 2020.

“I believe we have a plan that can win; now we have to go execute,” Spencer told IGN in a recent interview, where he also mentioned the company will offer “a sustained” flow of games next generation.

Next-gen consoles are rumored to have a minimum of $499 cost, even though Microsoft nor Sony have shared their plans about this topic yet.

Xbox Series X has suggested that Microsoft could have to adopt a higher price than its competitor, however it could sell the hardware at a little loss to gain market shares it lost during the Xbox One generation.

However, rumors have also pointed at a plan for Xbox to launch a cheaper next-gen console alongside Xbox Series X, codenamed Lockhart.

The wording Spencer used throughout its latest interview; there’s a chance that “plan” also includes Lockhart and not only the Xbox Series X’s launch price.

According to former Xbox’s marketing director, because of its hardware proposition, PS5 would be a “great deal” if sold at $399.