Monster Hunter Rise demo friend list lag bug will be fixed for the game’s full launch

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Monster Hunter Rise demo friend list lag bug will be fixed for game's full launch

Image via Nintendo

Capcom has confirmed that a Monster Hunter Rise demo friend list issue will be patched in time for the game’s full release in the spring.

The action-adventure title will launch on March 26, but fans of the franchise had been concerned that a bug in the game’s demo would continue to plague it when release day rolls around. The issue relates to some users’ games slowing to a crawl and, after looking into the bug, Capcom revealed that it is related to having too many people on your friends list.

Capcom took to the official Monster Hunter Twitter account to relay the news to its fanbase, and explain that the issue would be removed before Monster Hunter Rise’s full launch. The statement revealed that having more friends on your account will lead to “stuttering occurring during play.”

“We are aware of this, and we can confirm that this will not occur in the product version scheduled to be released on March 26, 2021,” Capcom’s statement explained.

The friend list issue is the latest problem that players have encountered during the demo. When it launched on January 8, the Nintendo eShop’s servers crashed due to the volume of players trying to download it. Nintendo was forced to patch through emergency maintenance of its online store to cope with demand.

The Monster Hunter Rise demo is available to play until February 1 on Nintendo Switch. Users can explore one region of the game during the demo, and take part in four different missions. Single-player and co-op play is supported, and the demo’s two main hunts can be played up to 30 times before the trial ends. Gamers who partake in the demo will also receive an exclusive starter pack for the full launch.