How does Quick Breath work in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, and how to get it

Take a quick breather during intense monster fights.

Performing a Switch Skill Swap in Monster Hunter Rise

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Quick Breath is the Skill Effect of the Breath Jewel 3 Decoration in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak that enables you to perform a Switch Skill Swap to reduce an ailment’s effectiveness or remove a negative status effect completely. Furthermore, this Skill Effect is capable of healing your hunter, as well as bolstering their HP Recovery stat, depending on the number of negative statuses that were removed after activation. With Quick Breath, there is no need to carry around Nulberries when battling pesky monsters like Shogun Ceanataur or Espinas. However, it is essential to note that this Skill is not a cure-all for every status, as Paralysis, Sleep, Bloodblight, and Frenzy cannot be dispelled.

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How to Craft Breath Jewel 3 in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Quick Breath Decoration Recipe and Required Monster in Monster Hunter Rise
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As mentioned above, you can get Quick Breath in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak by crafting the Rarity 8 Decoration called the Breath Jewel 3. The crafting recipe for this Decoration is not available by default, as you must first clear the Urgent Quest “A Slumbering Jungle Espinas.” This hunt is unlocked after you have completed several Key Quests, along with the Astalos hunt, “In Search of the Doctor.” Once Espinas has been slain or captured, you can visit the Smithy and browse the Decoration blueprints to find Breath Jewel 3 in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. 

Unfortunately, crafting the Breath Jewel 3 to get Quick Breath in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is not easy. This Decoration requires Adamant Jewel × 3 and Espinas Mantle × 1. Adamant Jewels are moderately easy to come by, as you will receive them as rewards for clearing Anomaly Quests and various Hub Quests ranked at 3-Star Master Rank and beyond. Conversely, like other monster mantles in Sunbreak, the Espinas Mantle has a meager drop rate from Espinas at a 3% maximum chance. 

Alternatively, you can buy the mantle from Bahari for 150 Investigation Coins if available, but even this method involves tedious grinding. Nevertheless, once you have acquired this ultrarare monster drop and Adamant Jewels, you can obtain Quick Breath for your build with the Breath Jewel 3 in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.